Corporate Membership


To our Valued Corporate Members,

It was a very hard and unfortunate decision to cancel our annual conference again for a 2nd Year, however, we feel it was the best and safest decision due to the current spike and spread of the Covid19 variant virus.

Even though the conference has been cancelled we WILL still be meeting in person each month at the locations on the above attached documents. 

We still want to continue building on our working relationships with our valued corporate members, it is a very important hands on, face to face relationship to have and our monthly meetings provide that one on one networking like our annual conferences provide.  If we can’t meet at a conference in October, we can still meet monthly.

Our monthly meetings provide ample time for one on one face to face networking and a chance to meet new members as we travel from county to county throughout the state of N.J.

Attached is our COVID19 Special Rate for the 2021/2022 NJCJWA Platinum Corporate Memberships.  Our Corporate Memberships run from October 1 thru September 30th annually (set up that way since our conference is always the first week in October).

The corporate membership provides you with attendance to our monthly meetings, a way to network and build on our working relationships face to face, sometimes better than in email and in phone conversations or texts. It also provides you with a meeting presentation in person at one of our monthly meetings or virtually thru a zoom call.  Presently Zoom is the way to go due to Covid19.  Lastly, your business logo will be placed on our website for visitors from other correctional institutions in other states to click on it, it will take them right to your website.

We also offer opportunities for your business to sponsor a breakfast or lunch at one of our meetings.  This opportunity will give you a chance to address the attendees and introduce yourself and your company so attendees can put the face with the company name or a company name with a face.

The Cost for Platinum Membership for October 1, 2021 thru September 30th 2022 is $1500.00.  Hopefully, there will be no more Covid19 restrictions in 2022 and our Platinum Membership for the 2022/23 year will go back to $3500.00 (so budget accordingly).

For those who have paid the $3500.00 Platinum Membership already, your options are full reimbursement or we use $1500.00 for a Platinum Membership and a credit of $2000.00 to be used with your 2022/23 membership (you will only have to pay the $1500.00 difference by October 2022).

For those who paid the $2000.00 Silver Membership, you can get a full reimbursement or put $1500.00 toward a Platinum Membership and receive a $500.00 reimbursement or credit for 2022/23.

We are grateful for your support, business and working relationships through the years and want to keep in touch and linked thru our monthly meetings.  Corrections is changing in NJ on a weekly basis, the services our members provide change all the time and our wardens, administration staff and corporate members change all the time and our meetings will provide all of us to stay up to date with each other.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Wardens Mueller, Taylor, Leith or myself.

I personally want to thank you for all your years of support because if it wasn’t for our valued corporate members, there would be no NJCJWA.

For additional information, please contact Warden Sandra J. Mueller at (732) 929-2137 or email

You can download this letter here.



Eugene J. Caldwell, II
Eugene J. Caldwell, II
Warden – Gloucester County
President – NJCJWA